"Holistic medicine is not the denial of modern Western medicine, rather it’s looking at the person and their lifestyle as a whole."

Dr. Tracy Thomson

Dr. Tracy Thomson

Functional Regenerative and Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Tracy Thomson will lead you to better health with her deep understanding of functional regenerative medicine and broad medical experience in traditional Western and Chinese practices. She’s a family medical doctor, educator, and speaker and works with patients and other medical leaders to provide direction and coaching on all the inputs needed for good health.

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Functional Medicine has given me a whole set of new tools to access my health, from genomic insights to hormone balancing. It has been invaluable to my daily well-being
I received a comprehensive plan. This changed my habits, routines and perception of my role in living a long, healthy life. I can attest to the incredible skill and professionalism of Dr. Tracy Thomson. If you want to find the path to ideal health, I recommend Dr. Tracy Thomson.
Dr. Tracy Thomson
Dr. Tracy Thomson has guided me intuitively and intelligently toward  a greater level of health and well being through and after cancer. She is deeply devoted and connected to nature which is why we connected so instantly as I am a holistic veterinarian. Your life will be enriched if she is on your wellness team.