Dr. Tracy Thomson

Functional and Integrative Consultations

Receive medical advice that assesses you as a whole person, rather than focusing on an isolated set of presenting symptoms. With a focus  on patient-centred care, Dr. Tracy will address how your history, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors influence your long-term health. She will also try to get to the root cause of your current concern versus treating only your symptoms.

90 minute new client/initial assessment
30 minute follow up for existing clients
60 minute yearly functional assessment
10 minute phone call

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Dr. Tracy Thomson

Functional Regenerative Medicine Labs

Dr. Thomson utilizes many of the private labs in the US, Europe, and Canada to help in the diagnosis of your current concern or to advise you on the latest  research in  anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Areas that may be tested include:

  • Sex hormone testing-salivary and urinary metabolites
  • Advanced urine thyroid testing
  • Cortisol/adrenal salivary testing
  • Gut health and microbe assessments
  • Food sensitivities
  • Oxidative stress and aging indicators
  • Nutritional status-vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants
  • Urinary Organic acids
  • Energy production/mitochondrial function
  • Cognitive function
  • Attention profiles
  • Infectious disease profiles
  • Mold and environmental toxicity
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Dr. Tracy Thomson

Brain Health Assessment

Given Dr. Thomson’s  extensive experience  in running a brain mapping clinic, she is well positioned to help you navigate through your cognitive concerns. Whether you have had a concussion, are suffering from mental health issues, have a genetic predisposition to cognitive decline in your family, are starting to suffer from a neurodegenerative disorder, or just want to be proactive and optimize brain function, Dr. Thomson can help determine which tests and treatments would be most helpful.

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A donation to the Branch Out Neurological Foundation will be made with each consult in order to continue to support vital research for non-pharmaceutical approaches to brain health.

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